Status Update, September 2020

2020-09-01 on chrisppy's world

Howdy! Despite it being excessively busy at my day job, it has been a very productive month for beagles. Subscription and favorite pages have been added to the user interface, podcast download and external play capabilities have been implemented, updates to the config file have been completed to make it more user-friendly and to apply more error checks. There have also been numerous bug and performance fixes applied.

I should also note that there are only a couple of to-do items remaining before releasing v0.2.0 by the end of September. This release date will give time to finish the development and testing to make sure this shapes up to be a great release.

On another, albeit smaller note, I also submitted a fix to serpent-linux to fix their RSS feeds to include the full content from their posts instead of providing a summary. Have a good one and see y'all next month!



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