Announcing beagles v0.2.0

2020-10-04 on chrisppy's world

I am proud to announce the next release, v0.2.0, of beagles. Greater functionality has been addedto the application to make it much more useful. Of important note, there have been multiple breaking changes since v0.1.1 requiring you to either modify, using the man pages, or delete the configuration file entirely and let the application generate a new one. Also note that the previous database is no longer compatible with the new version which requires you to re-add all feeds you previously subscribed to in v0.1.1.

Some of the new functionality includes external podcast player support, configurable browser settings, cleaner configuration files, new subscription/favorite pages, and many additional smaller improvements which are noted in the changelog.

If any potential bugs are found or if anyone has any questions or wants to discuss any potential new features please send an email to the beagles-discuss mailing list. Also, if anyone wants to contribute please send patches to the beagles-devel mailing list. If you want to be notified of any new releases please subscribe to the beagles-announce mailing list.




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