Status Update, October 2020

2020-10-04 on chrisppy's world

Happy Fall! Another month, another status update. The past month has been spent to finish the remaining items and testing for the newest release of beagles, which was released earlier today.

I have also setup some repositories for some projects I plan to start working on in the upcoming months. This is a rather short post, but have a good one and see y'all next month!


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My nifty vimrc

via torresjrjr | Archive May 3, 2022

Will Hare replace C? Or Rust? Or Zig? Or anything else?

Nope. If the short answer leaves you wanting, keep reading. I must admit that this sentence from the Hare announcement may have caused some confusion: Hare is most similar to C, and almost all programs written in C can also be written in Hare. This is espe…

via Blogs on The Hare programming language May 2, 2022

Announcing the Hare programming language

The “secret programming language” I have been teasing for several months now is finally here! It is called Hare, and you can read about it on the Hare blog: Check it out!

via Drew DeVault's blog April 25, 2022