Announcing beagles v0.1.0

I am proud to announce the first release, v0.1.0, of a new vim inspired TUI feed aggregator, named beagles. The basic functionality is implemented, but there is still much todo.

This release consists of 74 commits from two developers, ~chrisppy and ~willt, to implement the initial config file, user interface, database, documentation, and base functionality.

If any potential bugs are found or if anyone has any questions or wants to discuss any potential new features please send an email to ~chrisppy/

Also, if anyone wants to contribute please send patches to ~chrisppy/

If you want to be notified of any new releases please subscribe to ~chrisppy/

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As I’ve written before, the best contributors to a FOSS project are intrinsically motivated to solve problems in your software. This sort of contribution is often fixing an important problem and places a smaller burden on maintainers to spend their time work…

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Rebootstrapped With Glibc

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SourceHut API 2.0 dev log

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