Status Update, June 2022

2022-06-07 on chrisppy's world

This month's update will be rather short. I have implemented read support for the generator and extension elements for hare-atom, and I have started work on the write support in a separate branch. I still have extensions to implement for the write support, and then I need to setup some tests to thoroughly make sure everything is working as expected before I merge it into the baseline.

Another thing I have been spending much of my time on is revising the specification for barefeed to both bring it up to date with the baremessages specification and to make it into what I really want it to be. There will be a separate post on this at a later date.

Lastly, I have also been working on modeling a VESA compatible small form factor mini-ITX case in solvespace that I will create a repo for once I have the initial design fully flushed out.

That is all for today! Thanks for reading and see y'all next month.



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